Joshua Arce for District 9 Supervisor

Joshua Arce for District 9 Supervisor

Joshua Arce
for District 9 Supervisor


About Joshua Arce

Joshua was born and raised in Southern California and moved to San Francisco nearly 20 years ago to attend law school. He is a graduate of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law and earned an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of California at Los Angeles. His family combines Mexican heritage on his father’s side and Swedish roots on his mother’s. He and his wife, Lisa, are raising their two sons in a rented apartment in the heart of the Mission District.

As a member and employee of the Laborers Union, Joshua honors the historic role of the labor movement in advancing our nation’s social welfare programs and workers’ rights. He currently serves as a Community Liaison for the 5,000 members of Laborers Union Local 261 and provides pro bono legal support to low-income residents throughout San Francisco, including residents of District 9.

In 2005, Joshua founded Brightline Defense, a civil rights and environmental justice nonprofit. He organized campaigns to shut down dirty power plants, to create solar incentive programs, and to provide much needed support for low-income tenants across San Francisco. While with Brightline, Joshua helped craft the country’s most successful local hiring law for construction jobs, a model which has been replicated in cities across the country.

Joshua is committed to increasing investment in affordable housing for our community. As a board member of the Mission Housing Development Corporation, he spearheaded the effort to build 165 units of affordable housing at 1950 Mission Street. This initiative will add more affordable units to the Mission than all other projects in the previous eight years combined.

Joshua is a member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, a delegate to the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades and Labor Councils, an Executive Board member of the Sierra Club, and an alternate Commissioner on the Bay Conservation and Development Commission. Joshua served for three years as the President of the Commission on the Environment, following his appointment by Mayor Ed Lee.



As a longtime resident of the Mission, Joshua has witnessed firsthand how the San Francisco housing crisis is wreaking havoc in the community. Tenants in the District 9 are struggling to compete with rising rents and the cost of buying a home is out of reach for almost everyone. Joshua supports the expansion of higher-density housing of all types on sites that do not displace existing residents.

Voters took a positive step towards delivering more affordable housing in 2015, but we have to do more. We need to get the right mix of 100% affordable development and make certain market rate developers do their job in delivering additional affordable housing in San Francisco. This approach is required to maintain our city’s vibrant socio-economic, racial, class, and family diversity.

As a board member of the nonprofit Mission Housing Development Corporation, Joshua is providing on-the-ground leadership within an organization that has will build hundreds of new affordable units in coming years, with even more to come.



Better housing alternatives is one critical means of reducing economic pressure for San Franciscans. In addition, a renewed commitment to better jobs for local San Franciscans will reduce income inequality in District 9. Joshua has championed the country’s most successful local-hire policy, and if elected he will expand this policy beyond construction into other sectors such as technology and health care.

Working on the ground as a labor and community organizer, Joshua possesses the experience and knowledge to defend the interests of low-income workers. He was part of the Fight for 15 and worked hard to establish living wage protections in other sectors, including city employment, landscaping, and janitorial services.

As a member and representative of the Laborers Union, Joshua helps connect community members who face barriers to employment, such as a record of incarceration, with the chance to earn a living wage and support themselves and their family. He has sought to ensure community access to the best-paying jobs beyond construction as a way to address the widening gap between San Francisco low and high wage earners.



Every day we hear more stories from residents across District 9 about lack of responsiveness from their current representative and staff in City Hall. Stories of unanswered emails and unreturned phone calls have created a lack of confidence in the ability of government to address day-to-day constituent needs.

District 9 residents are proud urbanists, but should not have to tolerate growing rates of property crime as inevitable parts of city life. Joshua will continue his work with to deal with the painful increase of car break-ins, burglaries, and incidents of violence in the District. All families — regardless of income or social status — benefit when we support the kinds of positive improvements that make residents feel more secure in their neighborhoods and homes.

A world-class city also deserves a world-class transit system. New energy-efficient buses along Mission Street are a welcome sight, but Joshua believes we need better and more reliable services for the entire district. He will also expand pedestrian safety and better street planning in our commercial corridors.

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Why we support Joshua Arce for District 9 Supervisor

Catalyzing growth and change is a process that starts from the ground up. Josh has the proven track record of serving his constituents through his campaigning for workers — working to shut down dirty power plants, creating solar incentive programs, and providing support to low-income tenants facing eviction. District 9 is home to a diverse workforce and constituency that Josh can best serve.