Marjan Philhour for District 1 Supervisor

Marjan Philhour for District 1 Supervisor

Marjan Philhour
for District 1 Supervisor


About Marjan Philhour

Marjan Philhour brings a deep love for our neighborhood and decades of experience in government to her candidacy for District 1 Supervisor. As a mother of three young children and a small business owner with experience in the complexities of City Hall, Marjan will lead a responsive public partnership between the City and local residents to help the Richmond thrive. If elected, Marjan would be the first Filipino-American, and the first Iranian-American woman, to serve on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Her husband Byron is a high school physics teacher.

Born in the Richmond District, Marjan grew up in the Bay Area and is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley. Her early career took her from Washington, DC, where she worked with members of Congress on issues related to women, labor, social justice, and the environment, to the Governor’s Executive office, where she served as Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff. Nearly ten years ago, Marjan founded her own San Francisco-based consulting firm, working with nonprofits and local, state, and federal candidates.

Marjan is known for her boundless energy, sharp intellect, high management capacity, and an ability to connect with people from all backgrounds. An enthusiastic booster of the Richmond, she advocates for residents, schools, and businesses through several community organizations. On issues of housing affordability, public transit, and public safety, Marjan believes thoughtful action will make our neighborhood even more livable for our children and grandchildren.




San Franciscans live in the Richmond because it is livable. The neighbors are teachers, firefighters, and grocery-store owners. It is no secret that San Francisco is in dire need of more housing. Marjan believes we must make responsible choices around increasing the housing stock, with an emphasis on housing that is affordable to working and middle class residents. As the Richmonds grows along major transit corridors and in unoccupied, undeveloped sites, Marjan would like to protect and strengthen rent control, reduce profiteering based on illegal or no-fault evictions, and maintain the character and neighborhood feel of the Avenues.


On issues of pedestrian, bicycle, and traffic safety, housing affordability, economic growth, improved transportation options, and park and playground improvement, Marjan believes there needs to be faster turnaround based in common values and common sense. San Francisco’s diversity and global mindset makes us a leading city in the world, but also requires a commitment to making sure everyone is respected and understood.
It is Marjan’s priority that we ensure that the Richmond’s public transportation options are the best in the world, and that people feel safe walking or bicycling down a residential street. People can’t spend money in the Richmond if they can’t get there, and residents can’t rely on a public transportation that is overfull to get to school and work.


San Francisco needs leaders with the experience and capacity to successfully manage multiple complex projects at once. We must anticipate community needs before they devolve into crises. Functional partnerships between residents, businesses, and government will benefit us all over the long term. Our local businesses are the backbone of our economy. They’re not just business owners — they’re our neighbors.

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Why we support Marjan Philhour for District 1 Supervisor

It has been 5 years since a mother has been in city hall. Marjan provides a missing perspective — of a mother, with grade school children, who is a small business owner — that is needed in a majority male Board of Supervisors. This combined with her political savvy will best serve San Francisco’s Richmond District.


Marjan Philhour for District 1 Supervisor